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About Renew Melbourne

Renew Melbourne is a derivative of Renew Australia and has arisen from the need to activate spaces in and around Metropolitan Melbourne. Renew Melbourne will work to revitalise under utilised and empty buildings and shopfronts across Melbourne with short and medium term uses that will benefit the community.

Our goal is to provide incubation space for emerging artists, entrepreneurs and community groups, encourage foot traffic in urban areas and help create vibrant cities – both socially and economically. While these empty spaces are in transition, Renew Melbourne will find artists, cultural projects and community groups to use and maintain these spaces (rent free) until they become commercially leased or are redeveloped.

We are interested in hearing from people that would like to set up a similar initiatives in their own city or town, we are always keen to give advice and share our experience where we can. So if you are interested Contact Us today.


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